Building Better Computer Science Courses: Explore Kira’s Learning Template Library

To make high-quality computer science education accessible to students, educators need a well-developed curriculum and tools to support them. Enter Kira Learning’s course creation templates.

Ready right out of the box and built specifically to serve CS and AI education for high school students, Kira templates take the first step into creating and managing a computer science classroom – and save time and fuss while they’re at it.

Select a Template

Designed to empower educators to focus attention where it matters most, the course creation tool starts with targeted templates for unique lessons, specific learners, varied assessment types, and more. Ready to create a course just for your students’ needs?

The toughest part will be choosing your first one!

Kira offers a full template library with preloaded courses, all designed by our team of computer science and AI experts. Each course features video tutorials to help students along as they master each lesson. As you explore the library, you’ll find that each template gives a preview of the topic covered and the number of lessons and modules in each course.

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Choose the “Create a Class" option to begin!

Customize Course Information

Now it’s time to make it your own. The customizable course templates provide a foundation for a solid course with minimal effort. The templates are pre-loaded with key details, including:

·      A course description

·      Learning targets

·      Modules

·      Prerequisites

·      Skills that learners can expect to acquire during the course

·      Lesson plans

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The templates are fully customizable: use what you need and delete what you don’t! Everything is designed for easy modification, so you can make edits to course information at the click of a button. Specifically, the Edit course info button opens a full edit mode to add, alter, or delete information.

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Explore the Details with Modules and Lessons

Modules and lessons come with visual aids and in-depth videos with instructions. They are designed to bundle information and make it easy to understand.

Integrated instructional scaffolding means students can immediately apply what they’ve learned in each lesson and build upon it. This support boosts both understanding and confidence in their new skills!

Because the templates are customizable, teachers can add or edit existing lessons based on a given student or class’s needs. Looking to offer more explanation or practice with a tricky topic? Insert an additional lesson with a few quick clicks.

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Teach Computer Science Confidently with Kira Learning

From charter to private to public schools and beyond, Kira Learning offers the tools and support educators need to teach computer science in one convenient location. Our templates are just the beginning!

Sign up today to join the Kira Learning Community, and get started developing courses for your own computer science learners!