Create a Computer Science Course from Scratch

To make high-quality computer science education accessible to students, educators need a well-developed curriculum and tools to support them. At Kira Learning, we provide course creation templates, rich media and assessment tools, and a powerful platform – with a built-in code editor! – to empower teachers on their journey at any level.

What about high school teachers who already have their own vision for a computer science course, or who’ve built existing materials? We’re here to help: Kira offers the opportunity to build a course from scratch, including housing existing material in a fully integrated learning environment. Equip courses with any content, and cover topics specific to an individual class or learning plan: the tools are here.

Kira’s course creation feature offers a blank canvas to fulfill the needs of any computer science course you might want to teach: see how.

Create a New Template

It’s easy to create a course from the ground up. Teachers can simply select the blank template that is located on the far left of the My Templates section.

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Add Course Information

Though this course is built from scratch, the blank templates still give guidance for details that are addressed prior to beginning a course. Teachers can enter information such as the course title, description, and learning targets. Add a custom image so the course can easily be found on the dashboard!

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Create Your Own Computer Science Lessons

Teachers can enjoy the ability to customize courses while still accessing the power and simplicity of the Kira Learning platform. Teachers have the choice to create lessons based on how they will be delivered: self-paced "anytime" classes, virtual live classes, or in-person classes.

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Kira makes the process of creating customized computer science lesson plans easy and effortless. It guides teachers through which information needs to be added first, such as the name of the module and lesson.

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Add as many explanatory steps as needed by simply using the editing panel on the left. It’s easy to add activities, such as coding practice or multiple-choice quizzes, to each module.

Make Changes As You Go

All teachers know that sometimes lessons resonate with students and sometimes they need to be modified or updated. Kira facilitates the process of adapting a course as it’s being taught so teachers have the control to add or delete lessons and modules as necessary. If students need to spend more time on a concept, teachers can easily add in extra practice!

Integrate Unique Features

Kira’s platform is designed specifically for computer science education, so teachers have the tools and resources to confidently teach each course. Each feature streamlines the process of creating a comprehensive computer science learning experience on your terms.

Create Your Own Coding Exercises

Kira has a built-in, fully integrated IDE so there’s no need to download additional software or provision a coding environment before students can start writing code. We know that coding exercises are critical to computer science courses so it’s important that they be delivered in a straightforward manner.

With Kira, there is no need for students or teachers to have multiple tabs open to access course content and coding exercises. Kira has code blocks integrated into each lesson so students are uninterrupted in their learning process.

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Access Multiple Grading Types

When deciding how to grade exercises, teachers can choose from various powerful grading types. This feature streamlines the process of grading, freeing up teachers to spend time where it matters most - supporting their students on their learning journeys. Our platform grading options include:

  • Ungraded assessments: for teachers to gain insight into students’ comprehension without the stress of a grade
  • Rubric graded: a customizable option for teachers to develop their own rubric for grading an assessment
  • Graded upon submission: automatic grading to reduce the time spent going through assessments individually
  • Teacher graded: for assessments in which teachers want to take an in-depth look

Set Up a Class in Minutes

Kira Learning facilitates the process of setting up a class. What used to take hours can take just a few minutes with the auto-populate calendar feature on our platform.

Kira also makes it simple to create a roster and invite students to join the class. The platform makes it easy to get information about the course to the students so they can get started.

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Teach Computer Science on Your Terms with Kira Learning

From charter to private to public schools and beyond, Kira Learning offers the tools and support educators need to teach computer science in one convenient location. Sign up today to join the Kira Learning Community, and be part of the conversation driving computer science education into the future!