Author: Jeremy Bhatia, Sr. Product Manager, Kira Learning

Date: July 21, 2022

I love making high-quality education accessible to more people. That’s why I joined Kira Learning earlier this year – to build a K-12 learning platform that is driven by user insights, showcases the high-quality courses designed by brilliant AI and CS teachers, fosters community for K-12 AI and CS teachers, ignites curiosity in students, and provides measurable outcomes for every K-12 student seeking AI and CS skills for the digital economy.

Building for a browser-based K-12 CS and AI learning experience

In four short months, our small team of mission-driven builders laid the foundation of Kira Learning’s browser-based K-12 learning platform. Last week we gave the first live demo of Kira’s platform and product at the CSTA 2022 Annual Conference. The CSTA conference was nothing short of extraordinary, seeing leaders and passionate educators join to continue advancing the movement that is CS education.

And today I am proud to share that we've kicked off Kira Learning’s first pilot with America’s first online K-12 school, Laurel Springs. Stay tuned for more on the pilot next week!

Jeremy and Jagriti at the 2022 CSTA Conference in Chicago.

Every day I work with brilliant people like Jagriti Agarwal, CS and AI course builder, Kira instructor, and former Nasa engineer; and wise leaders like Kira Learning Chairman Andrew Ng. I am building the platform that will deliver the world’s leading AI and CS education curriculum to classrooms and computers around the world.

Jagriti and I were both drawn to Kira Learning and became founding team members because we share a fundamental belief: AI and CS are as critical to K-12 learning as literacy and numeracy. And speed matters.

Kira’s philosophy since day one? To build with students, teachers, and school leaders

A comprehensive CS and AI education support system starts with teachers. We’ve spoken to 300+ teachers, educators, and students who are participating in the movement to make K-12 AI and CS education the norm, and not the exception.

I spoke with a teacher who took five online courses on their own to teach CS, another who compiles resources from around the internet to teach the best class they can, and finally, a teacher who shared that even with all the things available it's hard to piece it all together and truly deliver a high course.

In these conversations, we understand what constitutes impactful and engaging teaching and learning, how best to reach students, and finally how Kira’s platform can support scaling their success and increase access to high-quality AI and CS curriculum for every K-12 learner.

It’s inspiring to listen, see, and be part of the CS and AI education movement taking hold across the US, especially from diverse leaders across the country.

Jeremy speaks to teachers at the 2022 CSTA Conference in Chicago.

If you’re interested in the CS and AI education movement or Kira’s products and platform, I’d love to hear from you!

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